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Octagon Wood Gable Vents

Octagon Wood Gable Vents

Octagon Wood Gable Vents
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Octagon Wood Gable Vents


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Note: All wood louvers are made to order and are not returnable unless they are shipped incorrect from the factory. Measure and order carefully. Production time is typically 3-4 weeks.

Bestlouver offers the highest quality Octagon Wood Gable Vents on the market. Our made-to-order wood louvers are manufactured from western red cedar, pine, pressure treated pine (PT) and cypress. See our VERSATEX section for PVC louvers. All our wood louvers are built from select clear lumber guaranteeing you the finest looking product and the best finish available. We offer a wide variety of standard sizes in 2" increments but will manufacture to any custom size. If you do not see the size you need call and we can make it for you.
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*Please note
- All vents with a size of larger than 42" needs to have shipping cost confirmed by Bestlouver. This site can not calculate oversized shipping. Your can place your order and Bestlouver will contact you regarding the proper shipping. Your card will not be charge until you approve actual shipping costs.

When calculating your order size please order to the size of your rough opening. We will reduce your order size by a standard 0.5" on the width and height dimensions to make sure our louver box fits your rough opening.
Example: your rough opening is 36"w x 18"h. We will make a louver box size of 35.5"w x 17.5"h with the trim overhang of 1 7/8".
- All surfaces are white, smooth and paintable if desired
- The gable vent is mounted by nailing through the face trim into the siding.
- All gable vents are fitted with aluminum screening on back of louver box.

- Vent box mounts through rough opening, face trim is used for securing vent to exterior wall.
- Order size for standard mount is the size of your rough opening. We undersize the louver box by half an inch. Trim overhangs box by 2".
- The vent box is constructed of 3/4" x 2 3/4" material and is 3" deep.
- The face trim is attached to the front of the vent box. The 2 3/4" flat trim over hangs the vent box 2".
- The louvers are 3/4" x 3 1/2" set in the vent box at a 30 deg angle.
- The louvers are spaced 3" apart and overlap each other 3/4".

- Vent box mounts flush to exterior wall. Secured through face trim.
- Order size for surface mount is outside to outside trim edge size. For example a 24" surface mount has a measurement of 24" from side to side.
- The louver from face trim to back of louver box is 1.5" deep.
- The vent box is 1 1/4" deep.
- The 1.5" face trim is attached to the front of the vent box overlapping vent box by 0.25". Square edge profile only, no other profiles are available. See drawing.
The louvers are 1/2" x 2 3/4" set in the vent box at a 30 deg angle.
- The louvers are spaced 2.25" apart and overlap each other 1.2" or they can be closed, see drawing.

- Standard - Square Edge measures 2 3/4"w x 3/4"h and is attached to the front of the 3/4" x 3" deep louver box. Trim overhangs box 1 7/8". Edges of trim are square.
- Brick Mold - Standard measures 2"w x 1 1/8"h and is attached to the front of the 3/4" x 3" deep louver box. Trim overhangs box 1 1/4". See specification sheet for outer edge profile.

Pricing in the pulldown menu are just a few of the size we offer.

Our vents are made to order, for large orders please allow up to 10 working days to ship. Returns are subject to a 50% restocking fee.


For More Information:
Sales/Tech: 866-257-7449 Ext 1
Email: mike@bestlouver.com

Bestlouver.com LLC
Naples, Florida 34114

Click the blue product specification link above for technical info.
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