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Vulcan Fire Stop Gable Vent

Vulcan Fire Stop Gable Vent

Vulcan Fire Stop Gable Vent
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Vulcan Fire Stop Gable Vent


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HOT NEWS: As of July 2014 All Vulcan Vent's have passed
a 1 one-hour fire test to the ASTM E119 standard, in a assembly, a fire
testing level not achieved by any other building vent currently on the market. Vulcan Fire Stop Vents are approved for use by the California Office of the State Fire Marshal and listed in the California State Building Code.

Download current spec sheets at the blue link above.

Why Choose the Vulcan Vent over other Exterior Fire Vents
- Tested successfully at a California State Fire Marshal laboratory for ember and flame penetration
- Dual design protects structures miles away from the flames (ember penetration) and also as the flames approach
- Superior air flow
- New construction, remodel or retrofit:
- Use fewer vents and reduce construction costs
- Use fewer vents and create a more pleasing design
Existing construction:
- No new vent openings need to be cut in order to making the switch over to a self-closing vent.

- 14" x 8" = 29 sq/in
- 14" x 12" = 54 sq/in
- 14" x 18" = 78 sq/in
- 14" x 24" = 102 sq/in

A critical area for fire protection in the construction industry involves newer homes construction with closer property lines, thus requiring compliance with code requirements for a 1-hour fire separation between buildings (ASTM E119). This means not only building walls and overhangs that meet the fire requirements, but also vents that meet those specific requirements and be part of one-hour wall assemblies. Vulcan Vents are the only vents to meet such requirements.

The Vulcan Vent is an exterior vent that will prohibit both dangerous embers and fire from entering a structure during a wildfire. Vulcan Soffit and Eave Vents are the first to be accepted in the CBC Ch7A Compliance Policy by the Office of the California State Fire Marshal (www.osfm.fire.ca.gov). Vulcan Vent systems resist the intrusion of flame and dangerous flying embers as called for in Chapter 7A of the California Building Code.

Most structures must have exterior ventilation and studies have shown that embers from a fire that is miles away can fly through the air causing an ember attack which may hit a home or other structure and enter through the exterior ventilation system igniting a new fire from the inside. The Vulcan Vent, through a patented, fully tested design, has a dual mechanism which will 1) block dangerous flying embers from entering the inside of a structure which may be many miles from the actual flames and 2) self-close when it senses approaching heat from a wildfire thereby prohibiting flame penetration. The Vulcan Vent meets the prescriptive code of the Wildland Urban Interface requirements for vents within California's building codes. Newly written California fire code legislation includes a section stating, in part, vents shall resist the intrusion of flame and embers?.

An extraordinary feature of the Vulcan Vent system is its simplicity of design and ease of application for new, remodel and retrofit construction. All vents within the Vulcan Vent system can be designed in any shape or size, including matching the specifications of all existing 1/4 inch (or smaller) open screen eave, foundation, gable, dormer and soffit vents.

The Vulcan Vent, in many cases, has more air flow (NFVA, Net Free Ventilation Area) than other exterior vents claiming to stop ember and flames. In any property, there is a need for a specific amount of ventilation to prohibit mold, mildew and/or rotting timbers. The air flow capacity of Vulcan Vents is excellent. Even with their fire and ember blocking technology, Vulcan Vents, in many cases, have air flow equal to that of standard vents of the same size. Thus, property owners with new construction, remodel or retrofit projects would need to purchase and install twice as many of any other “fire vent” as would be needed of the Vulcan Vent. The use of a Vulcan Vent over another fire vent will cut down construction costs (material and labor) as well as make structures more aesthetically pleasing.

Intumescent Fire Proof Gable vents are manufactured by Gunther

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Click the blue product specification link above
to download specifications.

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