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BL-TempV Automatic Foundation Vents

BL-TempV Automatic Foundation Vents

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BL-TempV Automatic Foundation Vents


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TempV Automatic Foundation Air Vent
Proper venting of homes with crawl spaces has long been a challenge for homeowners. Many homeowners have little or no knowledge of the vitally important role that ventilation plays in the longevity of their homes.
Proper crawl space ventilation prevents the buildup of moisture which leads to mold which can create dry rot in wooden sub-floors. People spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on their homes but without proper ventilation the floor can literally dry rot out from under them. Improper crawl space ventilation can therefore cause your sub-floor to be weakened and in some cases severely and irreparably damaged.

- Heavy-duty construction
- Premium bi-metal coil - Automatically opening at 70 degrees and closing at 40 degrees
- This automatic vent is a one-piece design, perfect for installing in brick or block.
- Honeycomb grill
- NFA 60″ Net Free Area or air flow
- 5-year limited warranty
- Colors: Black, Brown, Grey
- Inside Dimensions : 15 1/2" wide X 7 3/4" high
- Total Dimensions : 17 1/4" wide X 9 1/2" high
- Three colors, Black, Grey, Brown

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